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entrance at dusk
“Peter Ewers provided our project skill, art, and vision in transforming our Law Offices. He was an advocate with the contractors and deserves the highest praise.”
~Jon Bradley

This project is an adaptive reuse of an existing church building originally constructed in 1960.

The primary exterior modification was to add a vestibule to celebrate and call attention to the entry. This glass and stucco expansion captured the low sloping lines of the existing roof and carries them out to an extreme which salutes South Table Mountain and announces the entrance.

The signature interior space is the original worship hall which was renovated into the owner's office suite. This 13' tall space with a beamed, tongue and groove ceiling and views of South Table Mountain demanded openness and light. Clerestory lighting allows daylight to permeate the space, while a continuous light cove provides indirect light that accentuates the ceiling.

Due to a tight budget, simple materials were used throughout, and existing construction was re-used wherever possible. Even with entirely new exterior windows, and mechanical and electrical systems, the total construction cost was kept to less than $50 per square foot.

The final effect is an office that receives compliments from the employees, visitors, and the surrounding community.



location: 2201 Ford Street
Golden, Colorado
date completed: 1998
total area: 5,200sf
remodel area: 5,000sf
new area: 200sf
total construction cost: $250,000
cost per finished s.f.: $48/sf
structural engineer: KL+A
contractor: Kahn Construction
sustainable features: adaptive reuse
high efficiency lighting
low-VOC finishes