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view from southwest
"We are amazed by the way Peter was able to listen to our wishes and turn them into a home for us. Our biggest desire was to have a home that incorporated the natural surroundings throughout. Our new house does just that! We love that we can view outside and also different angles of the house itself from every view. Our favorite spot is the deck...we spend many hours every day out on it! Thank you so very much for creating this special place for us."

~Chris+Christie Samuelson

Magnetic North versus True North. That is the basis for the design, but the attraction of this home goes far beyond what a compass can reveal. This 10-degree variation provides the slight angle in the layout of the spaces (the stair points toward true south, while the south wall is aligned to magnetic south). But nature dictated far more in this design.

As with all of our homes, passive solar design comes standard – with the house elongated in the east-west direction in order to maximize the well-shaded south-facing windows. The super-insulated envelope meets Passive House standards (R5 windows, R10 below slab, R20 walls below grade, R40 walls above grade, and R60 roof) to buffer the harsh winters (and even the hot summers). The ground source heat pump assures that the small amount of energy needed to heat and cool the home is energy efficient. Double-stud exterior walls also feature two layers of 5/8” gypsum board on the interior for thermal storage and passive survivability.

And the modernist exterior appearance? The standing seam metal roof, wrapping down the walls, not only provides excellent fire protection, it also pleases the owners and surprises the visitors. Who could ask for anything more?


location: Golden Gate Canyon, Colorado
date completed: 2012
total finished area: 2,000sf
lower floor: 400sf
main floor: 1,100sf
upper floor: 500sf
garage: 600sf
total construction cost: $525,000
cost per finished s.f.: $262/sf
general contractor: Kinsman Construction
sustainable features: passive solar design
ground source heat pump
super insulation
tight construction
heat recovery ventilator
high efficiency wood stove
thermal storage
LED lighting