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Ewers Architecture has designed a wide range of environmentally responsible residential projects, from cozy Colorado mountain cabins to soaring spaces in the center of Denver, from carefully detailed additions on historic homes to whole-house transformations. Our residences are designed with the client in mind, and we work to extract our design inspirations from the environment, from the neighborhood, and from our client’s lifestyle.

As you peruse these pages, you will notice that every design is entirely different. Our style is not our own, but the style belongs to the project and to the owner. The common thread of our designs is that they meet the constraints of the project, whether that is a tight budget, a challenging site, or an impossible schedule. Our architecture is an interpretation of these constraints…using them as an opportunity for expression, interpretation, and celebration.

Our dedication to environmentally sustainable design also means that every project is an opportunity to explore the limits of sustainability. For some clients this may be active solar with intricate controls, while for other projects this may simply mean passive solar aspects and educating the client to the many possible benefits of green architecture. Every project, though, in some way, reflects our commitment to saving the earth’s resources.