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"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.
It's not."

~The Lorax
by Dr. Seuss

Ewers Architecture was founded on the principle of sustainable design long before photovoltaic (PV) panels began popping up on rooftops in every neighborhood. Our philosophy of sustainability is:
• Using less of the earth’s resources for construction, which means finding materials that are rapidly renewable, are made from recycled materials, or do not take a lot of energy to create.
• Using less energy to operate our buildings, which means using higher levels of insulation, creating an extremely tight envelope, using passive solar for heating and lighting, using breezes and nighttime flushing for cooling, and using high efficiency mechanical and electrical systems.
• Creating healthy interiors that keep the occupants healthy, productive, and happier. This means using materials with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), supplying fresh air, enjoying outdoor views, maximizing access to natural light and allowing outdoor air to waft in.
• Designing with Net Zero Energy in mind. Today we have designed several projects that only use as much energy as they produce on site (usually from photovoltaic panels producing electricity). By the year 2030 our goal is to only be constructing projects that use as much energy as they produce (that is the 2030 Challenge). You can’t just slap some PV on the roof and call it a Net Zero Energy project – it takes more holistic designs to truly achieve this goal.
• On our projects you may encounter ICFs (insulated concrete forms), SIPs (structural insulated panels), recycled rubber roof shingles, bamboo, cork, wood products made from sorghum, walls made from straw bale, retaining walls of tires filled with rammed earth, decking made from rice husks, ground source heat pumps, photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, or evacuated tube solar collectors.
Sustainability encompasses a wide range of ideals. At Ewers Architecture we seek to apply as many of these sustainable ideals to each project, as they fit with the client’s desires, the site and the budget.