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Our goal for every residential client is the same – ensure that we are designing a home that will look, feel, and live like the client desires.  That is why our homes do not have a single style.  Our designs reflect the desire and style of our clients. We do have four tenets of design that we insist on every home:

  1. Easy flow through the house.  Clear circulation patterns which make it easy to flow from one space to another. If you must walk around the dining table to get from one end of the house to the other, that is not ok.
  2. Interior living spaces must flow seamlessly to the exterior living spaces. Beautiful exterior spaces are just as important as beautiful interior spaces.  We want to be outside as much as we are inside.
  3. Sustainable.  The home must push the limits of sustainability.  Passive solar design, high levels of insulation, tight construction.  Beginning in 2019, all our designs must pursue Net Zero Energy (see our Sustainability page for more information).  We also believe that smaller homes are more sustainable, so we often challenge our clients to build smaller… and we have always declined commissions for homes over 5000 square feet.
  4. Beautiful.  We must create beauty.  Beauty can be in simple proportions and materials, it need not be complicated.  What is your definition of beauty?  Let’s create together.